Nu är det dax att läsa (lyssna) igenom den omtalade boken ”Trading in the Zone”, skriven av Mark Douglas. Boken är omnämnd i många kända böcker inom ämnet som jag läst och det ska därför bli otroligt spännande att läsa boken som många andra författare och traders hänvisar till.

Du kan köpa boken hos (ljudbok)


Tänkvärt urklipp från boken:

”Set aside your answers as you read through this book. Afte you’ve finished the last chapter (”Thinking Like a Trader”), take the Attitude Survey again—it s reprinted at the back of the book. You may be surprised to see how much your answers differ from the first time.”

Här är 30 påståenden som är tänkvärda och lärorika att läsa igenom och ta ställning till. Vi får se om jag kommer ändra några svar när jag är klar med boken.

  • 1. To make money as a trader you have to know what the market is going to do next. Disagree
  • 2. Sometimes I find myself thinking that there must be a way to trade without having to take a loss. Disagree
  • 3. Making money as a trader is primarily a function of analysis. Agree   
  • 4. Losses are an unavoidable component of trading. Agree   
  • 5. My risk is always defined before I enter a trade. Agree   
  • 6. In my mind there is always a cost associated with finding out what the market may do next. Disagree
  • 7. I wouldn’t even bother putting on the next trade if I wasn’t sure that it was going to be a winner. Agree   
  • 8. The more a trader learns about the markets and how they behave, the easier it will be for him to execute his trades. Agree 
  • 9. My methodology tells me exactly under what market conditions to either enter or exit a trade. Agree   
  • 10. Even when I have a clear signal to reverse my position, I find it extremely difficult to do. Agree   
  • 11. I have sustained periods of consistent success usually followed by some fairly drastic draw-downs in my equity. Agree   
  • 12. When I first started trading I would describe my trading methodology as haphazard, meaning some success in between a lot of pain. Agree   
  • 13. I often find myself feeling that the markets are against me personally. Disagree
  • 14. As much as I might try to ”let go,” I find it very difficult to put past emotional wounds behind me. Agree   
  • 15. I have a money management philosophy that is founded in the principle of always taking some money out of the market when the market makes it available. Agree   
  • 16. A trader’s job is to identify patterns in the markets’ behavior that represent an opportunity and then to determine the risk of finding out if these patterns will play themselves out as they have in the past. Agree   
  • 17. Sometimes I just can’t help feeling that I am a victim of the market. Disagree
  • 18. When I trade I usually try to stay focused in one time frame. Disagree
  • 19. Trading successfully requires a degree of mental flexibility far beyond the scope of most people. Agree   
  • 20. There are times when I can definitely feel the flow of the market; however, I often have difficulty acting on these feelings. Agree   
  • 21. There are many times when I am in a profitable trade and I know the move is basically over, but I still won’t take my profits. Agree   
  • 22. No matter how much money I make in a trade, I am rarely ever satisfied and feel that I could have made more. Agree   
  • 23. When I put on a trade, I feel I have a positive attitude. I anticipate all of the money I could make from the trade in a positive way. Disagree
  • 24. The most important component in a trader’s ability to accumulate money over time is having a belief in his own consistency. Agree   
  • 25. If you were granted a wish to be able to instantaneously acquire one trading skill, what skill would you choose?
  • 26. I often spend sleepless nights worrying about the market. Disagree
  • 27. Do you ever feel compelled to make a trade because you are afraid that you might miss out? Agree   
  • 28. Although it doesn’t happen veiy often, I really like my trades to be perfect. When I make a perfect call it feels so good that it makes up for all of the times that I don’t. Agree   
  • 29. Do you ever find yourself planning trades you never execute, and executing trades you never planned? Agree   
  • 30. In a few sentences explain why most traders either don’t make money or aren’t able to keep what they make.