Nummer 1 till 10 från Market Wiz(ar)dom-listan

Detta är inlägg del 1 av 4 där jag delar med mig av en värdefull lista med nycklar till framgångsrik trading och investering. Texten är från en av Jack D. Schwager böcker, The New Market Wizards.


Market Wiz(ar)dom

By now it should be clear that the methods employed by exepetional traders are extraordinarily diverse.
Some are pure fundamentalists; others emply only technical anlysis; and still others combine the two methodologies. Some traders consider two day to be long-term, while others consider two months to be short-term. Yet despite the wide gamut of styles, I have found that certain principles hold true for a broad spectrum of traders. After a score of years of analyzing and trading the markets and two books of interviews with great traders, I have come down to the following list of forty-two observations regarding success in trading.


First, be sure that you really want to trade. As both Krausz and Faulkner confirmed, based on their experience in working with traders, it is common for people who think they want to trade to discover that they really don’t.