[blockquote cite=”Paul Tudor Jones” type=”left”]The secret to being successful from a trading perspective is to have an indefatigable and an undying and unquenchable thirst for information and knowledge.[/blockquote]

[blockquote cite=”” type=”center”]A trader should look at a chart for what it is, and not for what he want it
to be.[/blockquote]

[blockquote cite=”Charles A. Jaffe” type=”left”]It’s not your salary that makes you rich, it’s your spending habits.[/blockquote]

[image type=”circle” src=”http://frokenbors.se/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/bigstock-Businessman-Trying-To-Catch-Mo-50381999.jpg” alt=”Citat med fokus på trading och pengar”]

[blockquote cite=”” type=”left”]”In this business if you’re good, you’re right six times out of ten. You’re never going to be right nine times out of ten.” -Peter Lynch[/blockquote]

[blockquote cite=”” type=”center”]If you find yourself in the bottom of a deep hole, the first thing to do is stop digging.[/blockquote]

[blockquote cite=”Richard Dennis, on Turtle Trading” type=”left”]The key is consistency and discipline. Almost anybody can make up a list of rules that are 80% as good as what we taught. What they can’t do is give the confidence to stick to those rules even when things are going bad.[/blockquote]

[blockquote cite=”” type=”left”]The system wasn’t designed so that most people could beat it.[/blockquote]

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